In 1992, as Reverend Griggs was preparing to graduate from Bible school, God laid the following on her heart. “I’ve called you to set the captives free and to teach those who are already set free.”

Exodus Ministries' call was to be twofold:  first, to witness to the lost the love of Christ and the salvation that is available through Him; second, to teach believers how to live by faith, who they are in the Body of Christ, and how to walk in the abundant life Jesus provided for us. 

 We share the gospel message through various outreaches; jails, women’s groups, newsletters, and one on one with individuals. 

 Exodus Ministries endeavors to teach those already set free by teaching and preaching the Gospel to the Body of Christ.  Teaching the basics including faith, prayer, the importance of knowing the word of God, healing, and knowing who they are in Christ. We meet this goal by preaching the word in pulpit ministry, workshops, and seminars.