Drawn by God

No man can come to accept Christ except God draws him. (John 6:44) He does so by the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will gently woo us and draw us to Christ. Over a period of time the Holy Spirit will show us our sins and our need for a savior. He does it with a gentleness but a firmness that lets us know we are loved but that our spiritual heart condition is serious. It requires a surgery that only God can perform. He will remove your stony heart full of sin and replace it with a heart of flesh. Thus giving you a new heart or spirit mentioned in (Ezekiel 36:26). This new heart is one that is soft, pliable or teachable, free of sin and is hungry for more of God. In many circles this spiritual surgery is called the new birth. (John 3:1-6)
Many think the way to win someone to Christ is to beat them over the head with the gospel message. Not so! The best way is to allow God to use you to demonstrate the love of God toward the lost. How do we do that? By praying for those that God places on our heart and then using our gifts and our talents to demonstrate God’s love toward them. When we let our actions and our lives show the love of God to them they fall in love with Christ without knowing it is him they are being drawn to. They see themselves being drawn to a person who loves and cares about them. As we believers know God is love and His love, unlike the world’s, is unconditional. It is this love that we are showing that they are being drawn to. There will come a time when these people will ask us what it is that makes us different. They will ask “What is it that you have that makes your life so different? I want what you have.” Then we will have the opportunity to share the gospel message with them and they will not only be willing to listen but receive Christ as their Lord and savior.