Cats and Dogs

Four years ago I inherited two cats. This wasn’t easy for an old dog lover. As people told me dogs have owners and cats have staff. How true! How true! It has been a struggle but I think we are starting to bond.
This morning I was thinking about how some people in the body of Christ are like dogs and some are like cats. Some believers love Jesus and spend time with him every day. They are like loyal dogs that are ever so happy to see their owners come home after a long day at work. They wag their tails and run around with all kinds of energy and excitement. They are so happy to see you.
Some believers are like cats. They only spend time with God when it is convenient for them or when they are in a crisis. My two cats are very independent and only come visit me when they want food, water or attention.
Psalm one says that we are to delight ourselves in the law of the Lord. (The word of God) We are also to meditate in it. When you spend time in the word you are fellowshipping with God.
So my question is, are you a cat or a dog? Are you relying on God and spending time with him on a regular basis? Or are you a cat and only come to God when you need something or there is a crisis in your life?